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Whether you bought the products through ComProSec AG or a competitor, we can support you with the following services.


Our Services are available:

  • planned

    - 1 x per month

    - 1 x every 3 months

  • as needed

1. Consulting, conceptual design and implementation


Consulting...the customer on a neutral basis to identify the needs and to determine the features for the optimal solution.
Conceptual design

...of the technical solution.

...of the definition and adaptation of the processes.

...of the planning and the implementation (possible customisation via existing API's)


...of the solution

 2. Operational support for your solution

Recurring tasks: system maintenance
  • system check: status, self monitoring, back-up, data export/aggregation, data archiving, ...
  • update & patching: health check, update & patching, documentation, ...

On-demand tasks: adaptations, extensions

  • stake of new databases, datasystems, ...
  • adaptation of existing and installation of new policies; reports & alerts; workflows
  • training & education

3. Our support "philosophy"


Single Point of Contact (SPoC):

  • assistance with technical and organisational issues
  • assistance in case of problems
  • opening and follow-up of support cases with the manufacturer
  • processing of the support cases with the manufacturer's support team and coordination with the customer